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Raising Up and Empowering Revivalists

Revivalist School of Ministry is committed to the truth that God loves people, gave Himself for them and gave His church power and authority to preach and demonstrate The Gospel of the Kingdom. The mission of RSM is to raise up and empower those who passionately pursue Christ and His purposes, who know their identity in Christ, and operate in Love and Power so God is re-presented to the world around them.

"I am learning how to bring The Kingdom into my daily lifestyle and I have learned how to use the authority of God to heal others and break bondages."

- Angela S.

"RSM has changed my views on the prophetic and healing, I always believed in those two intricate parts of my walk but never believed thru Christ I would be able to be a vessel..."

- Angi F.

"I’ve grown in so many ways as a Christian; one way that stands out is in loving people well. I’m able to bring what Holy Spirit has given me to the body and do that in love and honor."

- Karen M.

"Through RSM I have grown and have had my heart become overwhelmed with love for people more of the time. Something has risen up boldly in my spiritual authority which has caused me to step out in both the natural and supernatural areas in my life as a revivalist."

- Shane S.

"RSM really helped me discover who I was and helped launch me into the call of God on my life."

- Shaun Kono

"We’ve grown in knowledge and revelation of who God is and grown through this class..."

- Terry and Janet M.
Revivalist School of Ministry